December 29, 2019

Cannabis Extraction with Capna Systems [Video]

The industry is booming, but cannabis extraction methods are still developing or improving. The key is to provide the quality product – CBD and THC extractions that preserve most of their aromatic compounds or bioavailability. On the other side of the fence, a lot of farmers lose their crops during transportation or manufacturers fail to extract pure oil without additional distillations. Having these issues in mind, Capna Systems has worked out an extraction method and built equipment for making the most of the plant that has essential oils. This fact makes the extraction machines a point of interest not only hemp manufactures.

Recently America Dream TV with Felix Fooks visited Capna Systems office and looked around. They met with our CEO Gene Galyuk who shares his insight into the industry challenges and opportunities. Also, in this interview, Gene explained what makes Capna Systems machines so special and how hemp manufacturers (as well as manufacturers of any essential oils) can benefit from using distillation equipment patented by Capna Systems.

Let’s get to the interview and check out what American Dream TV saw at Capna Systems manufacturing facilities and what they spoke about with Gene here:

If you want to get more details on how Capna Systems’ extraction machines work, simply schedule a free demo.

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