October 22, 2019

Ethos-4: Discontinuing The Flagship Model

We, at Capna Systems, have some momentous news to share with you: the inimitable Ethos-4 has been discontinued! This has long been our flagship entry-level system and it has certainly served this company well. In fact, you could even say that it is the legend upon which Capna Systems was built. Although we hold it in the highest regard and are sorry to see it go, we’ve found that the Ethos-4 simply cannot meet the needs of our clients any longer.

The Ethos-6 Is Our New Entry-Level System

As a result, the Ethos-6 will become our new entry-level system. This worthy replacement is just as convenient, efficient, and easy-to-use as the Ethos-4, but it is capable of extracting much larger amounts for a higher yield of the final product. Consider the following:

  • The extraction vessel on the Ethos-4 was 50 liters (13.2 gallons), whereas the extraction vessel for the Ethos-6 is 60 liters (15.9 gallons). This is a 20% increase in volume! 
  • The ethanol storage of the Ethos-4 is a mere 98.4 liters (26 gallons), whereas the ethanol storage of the Ethos-6 is a whopping 147.6 liters (39 gallons). This is a 50% increase in volume! 

The Ethos-6 includes the convenience and efficiency of the Ethos-4, but with the benefit of a significantly larger capacity. This is a major plus for producers who are extracting at higher volumes or who are looking to scale their operation up. The cannabis market is as strong as ever and the demand shows no signs of abating any time soon, so a good number of our clients need to expand their extraction systems.

A Closer Look at the Ethos-6

Although the Ethos-6 may be larger than the Ethos-4, it still has: 

  • Efficiency: 98.6%
  • Solvent recovery rate: 85%
  • Temperature range: -50C to -80C

As a producer looking to keep profits and ROI high in a competitive marketplace, these figures surely inspire confidence in Capna’s superior and innovative tech. The Ethos-6 can extract a volume of product in under an hour that rivals what legacy systems can do in a day.

Plug-and-Play Technology

We’ve designed these machines with convenience and ease-of-use in mind, so they’re developed to slot right into a pre-existing production line. 

Besides, no one needs a cumbersome piece of tech which does not easily integrate into their production facility – if anything, they need the complete opposite! So, in keeping with our “plug-and-play” operational philosophy, we’ve made it easy to insert the Ethos-6 into a pre-existing extraction system. We like to keep things easy for producers so that you can focus on the most important part of your operation: producing.

The Fully Automated Ethos-X

Although we always design our tech for use by an entry-level operator, we’ve learned that some producers are looking for greater automation. This keeps your costs down and your productivity up while streamlining the overall extraction process. 

This makes absolute sense, as you always want any edge you can get over the competition. Consequently, we also offer an Ethos-X system. This is essentially a fully automated version of the Ethos-6 – still efficient and convenient, but even easier to use!

Customized Solutions

Some producers have highly specific needs, thereby necessitating the use of highly specific machinery. With this in mind, Capna is committed to providing our clients with customized systems that are tailor-made to meet their specific needs. 

We are able to achieve this with our Customized Solutions system. Highly customizable and easily modified, it is based on our Atlas Platform and can be designed to meet the specific needs of each and every producer. By allowing full modular scalability, the base rate of production can easily be increased from 90 pounds to 500 pounds per hour. If a client is looking to customize their production from the ground up, we can even create a system that produces up to 2000 pounds per hour. Additionally, it is just like the Ethos-X in that it can be easily plugged into your pre-existing extraction system. 

All of these products are an excellent choice for extracting any number of cannabis products, including: 

  • Crude oil
  • Crumble 
  • Distillate
  • Edible
  • Live Resin
  • Shatter 
  • Sugar wax

Capna Systems consistently offers the most innovative, efficient, and convenient extraction machines on the market today. Deciding which model to buy will depend entirely on your needs as a producer, but the ability to go with a modular system means that you can easily design your own extraction process. Remember that this is a customizable setup that will not overwhelm you with tedious logistics or compatibility issues.

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