March 5, 2019

Cannabis Extraction: Equipment in Action [Video]

The cannabis industry keeps on expanding and extracts of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) conquer the medical and recreational markets. The usage of the extraction is important, yet the way they proceeded is more vital. The form and further application of the extractions are highly dependent on the extraction method and equipment.

With Capna Systems, you can run a supercool cannabis extraction and get the quality product in the end. Check out this video for more details on cannabis extraction with our extraction equipment.

If you are involved in the cannabis industry or just starting your route, the improved extraction efficiency and protection of aromatic compounds or bioavailability should be appealing to you and your clients. So if y want to get more details on how Capna Systems’ cannabis extraction equipment works, simply schedule a free demo.

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