November 27, 2019

MJBiz 2019: Come See Us

There have been a whole host of exciting developments here at Capna Systems. As a result of the market demanding increased throughput, we’ve discontinued some of our smaller systems. However, we have other exciting developments on the horizon and have been waiting for the perfect venue to unveil them.

This is why we’re going to MJBiz 2019 on December 11-13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC)! Anyone and everyone in the cannabis industry will be there, so it’s definitely the one event you don’t want to miss. In fact, it’s the fastest-growing trade show in the entire country! We all know that cannabis is booming, so it only makes sense that we have a trade show to match.


Make no mistake: this is going to be a huge event! As the premier cannabis industry trade show, MJBizCon just keeps growing and expanding every year. Consider the fact that over 35,000 attendees are expected to be there, which is about 7,000 more attendees than the 2018 event. Plus, every corner of the cannabis industry will be fully represented, including key areas like agriculture, extraction, and marketing.

Additionally, there’s going to be about 8,000 cannabis industry executives, 1,250 investors, and 1,500 CEOs spread out over 1,300 exhibitor booths. This means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network, pitch ideas, and tap into the collective knowledge of the entire industry!


Since this event is going to be so huge, we want to make sure our present and future clients know how to find us. So we’re thrilled to point out that MJBizCon’s website has an interactive layout/floor plan on their website that you can use to locate exhibitors and their booths. This nifty tool allows you to search for exhibitors using either Exhibitor Name or Booth #, so now here comes the most important part:

Capna Systems will be at Booth #C4708 for the whole event!

Luckily for all of us, our booth is in a fantastic spot this year. You’ll be able to find us on the northern side of Central Hall, at the very edge of where all the booths are laid out. Furthermore, we’re located pretty much dead-center of the building and right in front of one of the four exits on that edge of the building.

So, once you’ve arrived, fire up that interactive map, search for Capna Systems using either Exhibitor Name (Capna Systems) or Booth # (C4708), and then stop by to visit us. We’ve got big plans for the year 2020, so we have a bunch of exciting news to share with you!


Here at Capna Systems, we focus on developing the most innovative and groundbreaking tech for ethanol extraction. This is the future of the cannabis industry, and we are always trying to push the envelope and offer our clients the best possible tools for their production facilities.

That being said, we have some exciting developments to show you. We’ve discontinued our old mainstay: the Ethos-4. Instead, the more powerful Ethos-6 system will become our new entry-level extraction system. For any producer looking to boost their production, this is big news and may very well help them take their operation to the next level.

This is because the Ethos-6 has significantly more capacity than the Ethos-4, thereby allowing it to extract much larger amounts of product. For example, the throughput of the Ethos-4 was 10 lbs/hr, while the Ethos-6 has a throughput of 14 lbs/hr. This increase in final yield allows you to scale your operation up, which is a really exciting proposition considering that the cannabis industry shows no signs of slowing down! So make sure you stop by our booth #C4708 and learn about the Ethos-6; our knowledgeable and friendly team will be happy to answer all your questions.

That being said, we also want to let you know that this isn’t the only big news! We also have other innovative developments that we’re keeping a secret until the actual event. So make sure you come and visit us at the show to see what we’ve been working on. We’re certain that you’ll like what you see!


In addition to unveiling new tech and introducing the cannabis world to the innovative products we’ve been researching and developing, we’re also holding a giveaway worth $125,000! This means that one lucky winner will get to walk away with a brand new Ethos-X System.

The Ethos-X is the fully automated and more advanced version of the Ethos-6. It also has a significantly higher throughput: a whopping 20 lbs/hr! Furthermore, while we design all our tech to be operated by entry-level operators, the innovative design of the Ethos-X makes it even easier to use. Through ingenuity and hard work, our brilliant team were able to achieve this without sacrificing any of the efficiency or convenience that you’ve come to expect from Capna’s products. In other words, owning and using the Ethos-X is like having your cake and eating it too: you get to enjoy an increase in power and efficiency without losing the convenience or straightforward operation.

In fact, we specifically developed the Ethos-X for producers who are looking to streamline their extraction process while keeping overall costs down. Additionally, it is actually 50% faster than the Ethos-6! With this greater degree of automation and an increase in speed, your operators can now focus on other crucial steps in the extraction process.

So stop by booth #C4708 and enter to win this exciting giveaway! Since we’re not really a superstitious bunch, we’ll actually be announcing the lucky winner on Friday, December 13th! Make sure you get your name in early: registration will begin on Tuesday, December 10th.


Our team has developed the Capna® Design Process as a way to provide our clients with customized solutions so they can build extraction facilities that are efficient, scalable, and fully integrated.

In order to create these customized solutions, we work with each client to properly identify and solve their production needs. If you need an extraction system that is fitted specifically for your operation, then collaborate with us to create your perfect production facility! Our customized solutions can be easily and efficiently scaled, saving you tons of time and money.

Everyday at 11AM and 4PM we’ll be holding a modular scalability showcase. Stop by our booth #C4708 and learn how Capna Systems can help you expand or solve any extraction issues you may have. Be sure you visit our website and sign up for this showcase.


As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to make the trip out to Las Vegas and check the show out! Be sure you stop by the official website to get your registration done and find out any additional information you may need.

And if you can’t make it to the show but still want to learn everything about our proprietary form of ethanol extraction, then be sure you contact us and book a demo today! Our knowledgeable and friendly representatives are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

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