December 27, 2019

MJBiz 2019 Las Vegas – How Was It?

MJBiz 2019 Las Vegas is now over and it was a smashing success! As the premier event for the cannabis industry, it was a real “meeting of the minds” and an exciting platform for the free flow of ideas and innovation.

Of course, Capna Systems was there and we’re excited to share with you how the conference went. Not only did we unveil new equipment, but we also held a giveaway worth $125,000 to one lucky winner. Plus, all the visitors to our booth got to learn about our custom solutions and design-for-scalability operational philosophy in person. Additionally, we were happy to show off our proprietary form of supercooled ethanol extraction.

However, for those who couldn’t make it this year, here’s the recap of Capna Systems at MJBizCon 2019!


So let’s take a moment to look at some impressive figures demonstrating just how successful the conference was:

  1. MJBizCon 2019 attracted over 31,500 cannabis industry professionals to Las Vegas, a 14% increase from the year prior.
  2. Due to an expanded preconference and related events, the total registered attendees numbered an impressive 33,000
  3. There were 79 different countries represented this year, making the event truly international. 
  4. MJBizCon 2019 in Las Vegas had over 250,000 square feet of exhibit space, which is an increase of 43% from the 2018 event. 

Within the cannabis industry, MJBizCon is always considered to be a bellwether for the overall health and prosperity of the cannabis industry. As a result, the fact that it was such a success certainly bodes well for everyone working in our industry, including our team at Capna Solutions.


Since we are all always trying to optimize and innovate our proprietary form of supercooled ethanol extraction, one of the most exciting developments for Capna Systems is our new collaboration with Linked Equipment. By working together, we have developed a turnkey modular solution for large-scale, industrial cannabis extraction.

This collaboration consists of combining the following two pieces of crucial equipment:

  1. Capna’s Automated Large Ethanol System (ATLES)
  2. Linked Equipment’s dynamic intermodular steel portable modules

This combination can process up to 3,000 pounds of biomass in one 10-hour shift. Additionally, this can all be accomplished by using only a 1,500 square foot footprint, making this turnkey lab both efficient and compact.

Furthermore, Capna Systems and Linked Equipment have developed these extraction modules to be easily scaled along with your growing business. In fact, if you need to dramatically increase your throughput due to increased capacity needs, you can easily add components from Capna® Extraction Platforms, including our premier systems:

  1. Alcohol Recovery Evaporator System (ARES) 
  2. Automated Large Ethanol System (ATLES)

All of this is part of our design-for-scalability operational philosophy. In other words, we are entirely committed to providing manufacturers a flexible, modular setup, including plug-and-play Capna hardware that is highly scalable and can meet your production needs.

So how do you house all this modular hardware? Well, Linked Equipment has designed steel portable modules for complete C1D2 and C1D1 laboratories. This setup can house an entire cannabis extraction operation, including every piece of equipment necessary for producing cannabis distillate or isolate (depending on the needs of your company) as well as additional room for THC remediation.

It’s crucial to note that this entire collaboration is focused on modularity. In other words, the Linked Equipment modules are specially designed to be linked together, so it’s easy to scale your operation up by adding new modules. Think of it like a puzzle, with each additional piece fitting snugly with the pre-existing pieces. In fact, take a moment to read about Linked Equipment’s fully-integrated modules.

That being said, our team at Capna is excited about this collaboration. Every part of it has been specially designed to allow for easy and convenient scalability. If your operation grows, we’ll grow right alongside you!


As we mentioned in the leadup to this exciting event, we also held a giveaway worth $125,000. That means that one lucky winner got to leave MJBizCon 2019 with our premier Ethos-X System!

On Friday, December 13th, at 2:30 PM, we chose the winner: Kurt Browe of Carolina Botanical Development. This is South Carolina’s premier cannabis extraction company, with a specialty in the extraction, refinement, and distillation of cannabidiol oil (also known as CBD oil). As you can see, Capna’s Ethos-X system is an excellent, turnkey solution for any manufacturer looking to get into the CBD oil extraction game.

So what exactly is this system? How will it help Mr. Browe and Carolina Botanical Development? Well, the Ethos-X is the more advanced and fully automated version of our Ethos-6. Furthermore, the Ethos-6 itself was a replacement for our previous Ethos-4 system.

The Ethos-X is an innovative and highly efficient piece of extraction equipment. For example, it has a much higher throughput than the Ethos-6: an impressive 20 pounds per hour!

Additionally, we design all our equipment to be easily worked by entry-level operators. That being said, the Ethos-X is even easier to operate without sacrificing efficacy, efficiency or convenience.

By integrating an Ethos-X into your extraction facility, you’ll have a significant increase in volume and throughput without losing the convenience of easy operation. This is all due to the innovative design work done by our team at Capna Systems!

In fact, the Ethos-X was specially designed for manufacturers looking to streamline and optimize their production process while keeping operational costs down. Plus, the Ethos-X is actually 50% faster than the Ethos-6! It has a greater degree of automation and a higher speed, allowing your operators to focus on other steps of the production process.


Remember that Capna Systems specializes in customized solutions to all your cannabis extraction needs. That’s why we stick to our design-for-scalability operational philosophy and always make sure that you can use our plug-and-play hardware to meet your increased capacity and throughput needs.

Capna develops all of its pre-existing systems with these concepts in mind and we’re always excited to demo them for prospective customers. So, while at MJBiz 2019 Las Vegas, we had several systems on display at our booth, including:

  1. Ethos-X – This is our premier, fully-automated extraction machine. Furthermore, it works with an integrated controller that displays on an 8-inch tablet that’s explosion-proof. It has exceptionally high throughput with 98.6% efficiency and it can run constantly, around the clock. 
  2. ARES (v2.3) – We had the latest model of the ARES on display in our booth at MJBizCon 2019. This solvent recovery system is specifically designed for larger volume extraction operations and is the ideal alternative to traditional rotary evaporators (or rotovaps). As a cost-conscious manufacturer, you’ll want the very best equipment to maximize your solvent use and boost your return on investment (ROI). 
  3. ATLES (v2.1) – Last but certainly not least, we also had the latest model of the ATLES on display at our booth. This piece of kit is ideal for producers with particularly high volume or throughput requirements as well as any manufacturers who are looking for a single system that will sustain them through years of expansion. Much like the Ethos-X, it’s also fully-automated and it can process up to 400 pounds of plant material per hour!

Having these systems on display drew a lot of inquisitive visitors and interested customers. As always, we stressed that Capna equipment is specially designed for custom solutions!


Hopefully, you had a chance to visit our booth at MJBiz 2019 Las Vegas! If not, then you can always contact us and book a demo today! Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are always prepared to answer questions and show off our proprietary form of supercooled ethanol extraction.

Even if you did visit us and wish to learn more, go ahead and book that demo anyways! You can always turn to us for customized and modular turnkey solutions to all your botanical extraction needs.

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