Our Falling Film Evaporator

ARES is a next-generation reduction system designed to provide an incredible array of advantages over traditional rotary evaporators. Designed to meet the needs of large-scale production facilities, our ARES is guaranteed to save critical time as well as cost.

Key Specifications

A true engineering breakthrough, our Capna-designed ARES does the work of five 50L rotary evaporators while drawing the power of just one. Because it separates the ethanol from the extracted essential oils in a more efficient process, our ARES also greatly reduces post processing time with the added benefit of requiring less manpower. Taken together, these advantages allow the ARES to deliver an incredible investment return from the start.

  • Capable of reducing 2L/min., or 120L/hour
  • Estimated 95%-98% solvent recovery rate
  • 3-phase 220v/50 amp system
  • Compact size and low 8’ height clearance
  • Eliminates the bottlenecking common with rotary evaporator
  • Designed to work with all Capna extraction systems