Designed to elevate ethanol extraction to a level never before achieved

Atles introduces a new era in capacity, performance and technology. Fully automatic operation is matched to the ability to process up to 90 pounds of plant material per hour, making Atles the ultimate in efficiency and scalability.

Key Specifications

Atles is an automatic system that requires no manual operation while the extraction process is taking place. The system runs on 200-proof ethanol and evacuates and transfers an emulsion from stage to stage in a fully enclosed, recirculating closed loop. Atles requires 30 amps @ 480 volts of power and 20’x 10’ x 9’ of clear space for safe operation.

  • 90 lb / 1 hour extraction throughput
  • 600L/165 gal. ethanol holding capacity
  • 85% solvent recovery rate
  • 98.6% efficient with no post processing required
  • Terpene content yield: 3%-9%
  • Super-cool extraction
Extraction Vessel
200 L
Collection Vessel
200 L
Material Load Capacity
20400 g
Extraction Vessel Filter
30 micron
Temperature range
20 C to -80 C