The more ethanol you recover, the more cost savings you enjoy.

To maximize that opportunity, Capna has developed a centrifuge able to be easily integrated into an operation of any size. Built for rapid operation and ease of use, our centrifuge is an optional accessory guaranteed to provide a sizable return.

Key Specifications

While all of our extraction systems are exceptionally efficient, the plant material still holds a certain amount of value at the end of the process. By placing the material into our centrifuge before discarding it, any remaining ethanol and essential oils are quickly extracted in liquid form. This liquid is then sent through a rotary evaporator or FFE to separate the ethanol from the cannabinoids, with the ethanol returned to your system for safe re-use.

  • Estimated 95%-98% solvent recovery rate
  • Generous 20L of volume
  • Capacity of 25 kg per 3 minute cycle
  • Exceptional speed of 1900 revolutions per minute