Benefit of larger capacity

Ethos-6 delivers all of the efficiency and ease of operation as our flagship Ethos-4, with the added benefit of larger capacity for producers who extract at a higher volume or want the ability to scale up on demand. All with an extraction efficiency rate of 98.6%.

Key Specifications

Ethos-6 can extract up to 14 pounds of plant material per hour, while drawing only 15.8 amps of power. The system runs on 200-proof ethanol and evacuates and transfers an emulsion from stage to stage in a fully enclosed, recirculating closed loop, making it safe for a single operator even if they have no prior experience. It can also be easily connected to the auto-feed of a rotary evaporator or FFE to create a complete extraction-to-reduction loop. Don't winterize, no post processing needed.

  • 3600g/40 min. extraction throughput
  • 136L/36 gal. ethanol holding capacity
  • 85% solvent recovery rate
  • 98.6% efficient with no post processing required
  • Terpene content yield: 4%-7%
  • Wax-free extracts
Extraction Vessel
60 L
Collection Vessel
40 L
Material Load Capacity
3171 g
Extraction Vessel Filter
40 micron
Temperature range
-50 C to -80 C